Hi.  My name is Steve.  I live in Eaton Rapids, Michigan and I collect too much stuff.  It's a common problem for many folks.  I've heard that we spend the first 50 years of life accumulating possessions, then the rest of our time is spent getting rid of it.  I'm in the 2nd part of this journey.   I've accumulated way too much stuff. 

Also, I'm a musician of sorts and play a little sax and clarinet in a local big band.  I hope to put together a sax quartet or clarinet quintet soon, but we shall see.   I'm fascinated with band instruments, especially the ones I play the most.    It's gotten out of hand.  I scrounge up a fair amount of instruments, more than I can work on, and my son, Tim, helps me out by selling this stuff on eBay.  However, we don't want to sell everything by ebay.  There are a number of musical items that I think are better to set aside from the auction route and market directly via word of mouth or via this website.

I'm fascinated by more than old saxes though.  In addition, I love to haunt pawn shops, garage sales, thrift shops, junkyards, and estate sales.   I find stuff that I think is way cool, or perhaps worth more than I am paying... or perhaps it is something that inspires my curiosity.   This stuff all takes up room.

This website is largely an experiment for me and I expect it to undergo significant changes as time goes by.  I hope to host community oriented info pages, such as lists of the various community bands in Michigan, contact information, rehearsal dates/times locations etc.  Serial number information for instruments that can't be easily had elsewhere online.  Photos of cool instruments, or perhaps photos of stuff I want to sell.

I'll figure it out as I go along.



                                                    Old Steve                      After Visiting the Hair Color Aisle.                    On a gig.


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